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Chapter 5: Master of the New Monastery

The cook didn’t kick; it was as if the whole existence kicked. He kicked all scholarship, he kicked all scriptures, he kicked the whole intellect and its vicious circles - and he walked out. He didn’t wait. Look: he walked out. If he had waited to see what the master says now he would have missed, because that means the mind is there looking for the conclusion, the result.

Mind is always result-oriented: What is going to happen? If I do this, then what will happen? If the cause is there, what will be the effect? The mind is always for the result. Mind is result-oriented.

This cook simply walked out. He didn’t wait for what was going to happen; he didn’t think that he was going to be chosen. How can you think that just by kicking a pot you will be chosen the master of a monastery? No, he never bothered.

This is what Krishna says to Arjuna in the Gita, “Do! Act! But don’t ask for the result. Kick and walk out.”

Arjuna goes on thinking about the result. He says, “If I fight, if I go through this war, what will happen? What will be the result? Will the result be good or bad? Will I gain or lose? Will it be worth the effort, to kill so many people?”

And Krishna says, “Don’t think of the result. Leave the result to me: you simply act.”

But mind cannot do that. Before the mind acts it asks for the result; it acts because of the result. If there will be a result, only then..

People come to me and ask, “If we meditate, what will happen? What will be the result?”

Remember, meditation cannot be result-oriented; you simply meditate, that’s all. Everything happens but it is not a result. If you are seeking the result nothing will happen; meditation will be useless. When you seek a result, it is mind; when you don’t seek a result, it is meditation. Kick the pot and walk out. Meditate and walk out; don’t ask for the result. Don’t say, “What will happen?”.because if you think about what will happen you cannot meditate. The mind goes on thinking about the result; it cannot be here and now, it is always in the future. You are meditating: you are thinking, “When is the result going to happen? It has not happened yet”.is it meditation? If you love and go on thinking, “When will the happiness come? It has not come yet,” is it love?

When you forget the result completely, when there is not even a flicker in the mind for the result, not even a single vibration moving into the future - when you have become a silent pool, here and now, everything has happened. In meditation cause and effect are not two; cause is the effect. The act and the result are not two; the act is the result. They are not divided. In meditation the seed and the tree are not two; the seed is the tree.

But for mind everything is divided: the seed and the tree are two, the act and the result are two. The result is always in the future and the act is here; you act because of the future. For the mind the present is always sacrificed for the future.and the future exists not. There is no future, there is always the present. It is an eternal now, and you are sacrificing this now for something which is nowhere and cannot be anywhere.

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