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Chapter 4: Fighting Cock

Whenever there is something where you can let go of yourself, the mind resists. That is why the mind is against love - because love is a surrendering. In love the ego cannot exist. That is why the mind is against a master, a guru, because the ego has to be surrendered; otherwise the master cannot function. That is why the mind is against God, because if there is a God then you can never be the most superior; then the ego will always remain inferior, then you can never be enthroned upon the highest conceivable pedestal - so you cannot allow God.

Nietzsche said: It is impossible for me to allow there to be a God, because then what will happen to me? Then where am I? If God is, then I am nowhere; so I will choose myself, not God. That is why he said: God is dead and man is now free, absolutely free. Nietzsche set the trend for this century; he was the prophet of this century. He is at the base of you all, whether you know him or not; he is deep down in everybody who has been born in this century. Within you God is dead, only the ego is alive. And remember: they cannot both exist together.

In the Old Testament there is a beautiful sentence. The sentence is, “You cannot see God alive.” The meaning is the same: when you see God you have to die, you cannot see God alive. When you die, only then can you see God because you are the barrier, you are the wall. Ego or God, that is how things are going to be; you cannot manage both. And if you try to manage both, you will manage the ego and God will be dead - within you. In existence, God cannot be dead; but within you, God will be dead. He will not be there. You have pushed him out because you are too filled with yourself. You are too much. And the ego is not porous; it has no space for anybody else. It is very jealous, it is absolutely jealous. It will not allow anybody else to enter into the inner sanctum of your being. It wants to be the most superior ruler.

The mind is always against surrendering. That is why, as the mind has become more prominent, all dimensions of surrender have disappeared. This century suffers because this century cannot surrender. This is the problem. This is the basic crux of the modern mind - and you go on asking: How can I love? The mind cannot love. The mind can go to war, that is easy, but the mind cannot move into love - that is impossible - because in war the mind can exist, it can function well; but in love, mind has to surrender.

Love means giving power to the other over yourself. And you are afraid: it means the other becomes so important, so much more important than you that if a crisis comes you would sacrifice yourself for your lover. The lover is enthroned - you are just a servant, you are just a shadow. This is difficult for the mind. That is why love is not possible and even sex becomes impossible. Because even in sex a moment comes when you have to lose yourself - only then can the orgasm happen, only then can the whole body be filled with a new energy, with new vibrations, with bio-electricity. It can become a vibrant, radiant flow - you lose yourself - but even that is not possible.

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