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Chapter 4: Spreading a Net of Perfume

She has brought a beautiful question which will help many. The words order and guidance and commandments - they are all mind words. The heart has no parallel words; it knows only inspiration, becoming aflame, not knowing why.but it is so juicy, of such a grand beauty that the heart goes on following it.

But many of the religions have destroyed the way of the heart because there were not many masters who could manage it. It is a fine art, superfine. It was easy to manage teachers, teachings, guidance, discipline for the mind - but the mind has nothing at all to do with religion.

Once, I was coming home from the river, and there was a boy who must have been an idiot; he was trying to pull a cow back towards home. The cow must have gone to the river and was not willing to go back home - and she was much more powerful than the boy. And he was trying hard.

I stood there and watched. Instead of the boy pulling the cow, the cow was pulling the boy towards the river. And he was shouting and asking people to help: “This cow is going mad!”

I said, “Nobody is going mad; it is simply that you don’t know how to bring a cow home.”

He said, “How do you bring a cow home?”

I said, “Drop this rope, and instead of the rope, take some green grass in your hands, move ahead of the cow, and the cow will follow. That is persuasion; you are not forcing. The cow is free; she can go to the river or anywhere she wants.but with this green grass in front of her, she cannot go anywhere.”

Guidance is exactly like that. You have to inspire, not instigate. You have to be very polite and humble, not even giving a hint that the other person is being ordered to do something. You have to be inviting, requesting, and let the person come into the field of energy where things start taking place on their own.

With men the problem is that many cannot manage the language of the heart. Sooner or later they fall out. And when they fall out, then a trouble is there. People start asking them, “Why have you left?” And the mind never wants to say, “I don’t know.” The mind may have to create lies, allegations to justify itself: “I had to leave because that was not the right place.”

The reality is you were not in the right shape. You tried to manage the work that can be done only by the heart by something else - by the mind. You failed. In the beginning you will succeed, but soon there will come a point where you will have to turn towards the heart, because the mind can go on, round and round, but it never reaches to the center.

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