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Chapter 27: Unhinge Yourself

You can have millions of experiences which will be each time bigger, higher, greater, wider, but never ask for any experience to be repeated. Existence is not a film that you can see twice.

Old Heraclitus was right when he said, “You cannot step twice in the same river.” One day somewhere I am going to meet the fellow. I have made a list of who are the guys I would like to meet someday because they have to be corrected. Nobody has criticized Heraclitus on the grounds I criticize him. I love him. He has made a tremendously beautiful statement, but I want to make that statement even more beautiful. I want to say, you cannot step in the same river even once, because the water is continuously flowing. Once you understand the flow and you become in tune with the flow, so many treasures are available ahead.

Don’t behave like an old Indian who had gone for the first time in his life to see a movie. A beautiful girl is undressing by the side of a lake, and just when she is going to drop the last part of her clothes a railway train passes by, and that blocks the view. The old fellow tries in every way - this way and that way, between the compartments, but the train is going so fast and when the last compartment of the train has gone, the girl has already entered the lake; she is swimming.

The old man is very much frustrated. The first show is over, everybody has left, and the old man is still sitting in his seat. The manager comes and asks him, “Is there something that I can do to help? Everybody is gone, the show is over. Now the cleaners will come and then the second show will begin.”

He said, “I am going to stay here. You bring me the ticket for the second show!”

The manager said, “But people don’t see two shows.”

He said, “Don’t bother me! I am already too much annoyed and irritated.”

The manager thought, “The man seems to be a little out of the mind, but there is no harm.” He brought the ticket, charged the man the money, and the second time again the same thing happened. The train came right in time. The old man could not believe that this is happening in India - the train was not even a few seconds late!

The second show was over and the manager came to the old man to say that “Now it is time. The third show is going to begin.”

He said, “I am not going to leave this place unless I see what I want to see!”

The manager said, “But it is the same film you have seen twice.”

He said, “You don’t understand at all. It is India - the train cannot always come at the right time, and I am waiting for the moment when the train is late.”

Life is not a film. Nothing is fixed, nothing is repeated. It is always original.

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