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Chapter 1: No Water No Moon

The reality is there, you are there, but the encounter is not there because between you and the reality is the mind. Whatsoever you see, you see through the mind. Whatsoever you hear, you hear through the mind - and then you are almost deaf, almost blind. Jesus goes on saying to his disciples, “If you have ears to hear, hear me. If you have eyes to see, see.” They all had eyes like you. They all had ears like you. But Jesus knows, as I know, that you are deaf, you are blind.

Whenever you hear through the mind you are not hearing, because the mind interprets, the mind colors, the mind changes, mixes itself; and anything that reaches to you is now already old. The mind has done its trick. The mind has given its own meaning, the interpretation. The mind has commented.

That’s why, unless you become a right listener.. Right listening means the capacity to listen without the mind. Right seer means the capacity to look without the mind, the capacity to look without interpreting, judging, condemning; without evaluation, without saying yes or no. When I speak to you, I can even see your mind nodding yes or no. Even if the nod is invisible, I can see it. You may not be aware, sometimes you say yes - the mind has interpreted. Sometimes you say no - the mind has interpreted, the mind has come in, evaluating. You have missed.

Just listening, not judging, suddenly you become aware that this mind has been the whole trouble. It is old - one thing to remember - and it can never be new. So never think that you have an original mind. No mind can be original, all minds are old, repetitive. That’s why mind always likes repetition, and is always against the new. Because the mind has created the society, the society is always against the new. The mind has created the state, the civilization, the morality; they are all against the new.

Whatsoever is created by the mind will always be against the new. You cannot find anything more orthodox than mind.

No revolution is possible with the mind. So if you are a revolutionary through the mind, don’t deceive yourself. A communist cannot be a revolutionary, because he has never meditated. His communism is through the mind. He has changed bibles - he doesn’t believe in Jesus, he believes in Marx; or he believes in Mao, the latest edition of Marx - but he believes. He is as orthodox as any Hindu, any Catholic, any Mohammedan. The orthodoxy is the same, because orthodoxy doesn’t depend on what you believe. The orthodoxy depends on whether you believe through the mind; the orthodoxy depends on the mind. Mind is the most orthodox element in the world, the most conformist.

So whatsoever mind creates can never be new, will always be old, and will always insist against the new; it will be always counter-revolutionary. That’s why in the world there is no revolution other than the religious revolution; there cannot be. Only religion can be revolutionary, because religion hits at the very source. It drops the mind, the old pail, and then, suddenly, everything is new, because mind was making everything old through its interpretation. Suddenly you are a child again. Your eyes are fresh and young, you look at things without knowledge, without learning. Suddenly the trees have a freshness. The greenery has changed - it is not dull, it is alive. Suddenly the song of a bird is absolutely different.

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