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Chapter 4: Dying into the Master

If you had looked only from the outside you would never have thought about this, what was inside the mind of the Texan. You would have thought him a great saint or something.

But the journalist has to keep a distance. He thinks that by keeping a distance he will be able to know better. No, he will only gather information, bits of information, in fact irrelevant, unconnected with each other, because he has no approach to the center. And he is going to distort it more to make it more sensational.

A group of Rajneesh sannyasins in Bonn, Germany, were taking a boat ride down the Rhine river when they noticed that a well-known journalist was aboard the boat. They decided to do something to give sannyasins a more positive image in Germany. So, before the eyes of the journalist, they stepped off into the water and did a whirling Sufi dance all the way around the moving boat. Then, completely dry, they climbed back onto the boat’s deck.

The next day the sannyasins eagerly scanned the newspaper to see what the journalist had written about their fantastic feat.

There, in the back pages, they found a small article with the headline: “When will Rajneesh sannyasins finally learn to swim?”