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Chapter 12: To Create a Balance

This usually starts at about the age of five, when real learning virtually stops, and lasts until death. In the old days it was okay. Five or seven years were enough to learn all that you would need in your life - that would do: seven years’ learning would do for seventy years of life. But now that is not possible. You cannot stop learning because new things are always happening and you cannot face those new things with old ideas. You cannot depend on your parents and their knowledge, you cannot even depend on your teachers in the school and the university, because what they are talking about is already out of date. Much more has happened; much water has gone down the Ganges.

This was my experience: when I was a student I was surprised at my professors’ knowledge because it was thirty years old. It was when they were young that they had gathered it from their teachers. Since then they had not looked at what has happened. That knowledge was absolutely useless.

I was constantly in conflict with my professors. I was thrown out of many colleges, expelled, because the professors said that they could not cope with me. And I was not creating any trouble. I was simply making them aware that what they were saying was out of date. But that hurts the ego. They had learned it in their own university days and they were thinking that the world had stopped then and there.

Now students cannot depend on teachers and children cannot depend on their parents, hence a great rebellion is on the way all over the world. It has nothing to do with anything else. Students cannot respect their teachers anymore. Unless those teachers continuously learn, they cannot be respected. For what? - there is no reason. And children cannot respect their parents because the approach of their parents looks very primitive. Small children are becoming aware that what their parents say is out of date. Parents will have to continuously learn if they want to help their children to grow, and teachers will have to continuously learn. Now no one can stop learning. And this speed is going to grow continuously.

So one thing: learning has not to be stopped, otherwise you will go neurotic, because to stop learning means you are accumulating information which you have not assimilated, digested, which has not become your blood and your bones and your marrow. It will hang around you with a great insistence, to be taken in.

Secondly: you will need time to relax - this pressure is too much. You will need some time to disappear from this pressure. Sleep cannot help you anymore because sleep itself is becoming overburdened. Your day is so overloaded that when you go to sleep only the body falls limp on the bed, but the mind continues to sort things out. That’s what you call dreaming: it is nothing but a desperate effort of the mind to sort things out.because you won’t give any time to it.

You have to relax consciously into meditation. A few minutes of deep meditation will keep you non-neurotic. In meditation the mind unclutters: experiences are digested and the overload disappears, leaving the mind fresh and young and clear and clean.

In the past, the input volume was one-tenth of one’s time and the meditative time was nine-tenths. Now just the reverse is the case: nine-tenths input volume time and one-tenth meditative time. Very rarely do you relax, very rarely do you just sit silently, doing nothing. Even that one- tenth time of unconscious meditation is disappearing. Once that happens, man will be utterly mad. And that is happening.

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