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Chapter 12: Silence Is the Prayer

You are eating, then eat. Then forget everything else. Then nothing exists in the world except your present act. Whatsoever you are doing, do it so completely, so unhurriedly, so patiently, that the mind is saturated, becomes content. Only then leave it.

Three months of continuous awareness about doing acts completely will give you some intervals in your monologue. Then, for the first time, you will become aware that this monologue was a byproduct of incomplete living.

Buddha has said “right living.” He has shown an eightfold path; of those eight principles, one is “right living.” Right living means total living, wrong living means incomplete living. If you are angry, then be really angry. Be authentically angry. Make it complete! Suffer it! There is no harm in suffering, because suffering brings much wisdom. There is no harm in suffering, because only through suffering does one transcend it. Suffer it, but be authentically angry.

What are you doing? You are angry and you are smiling. Now the anger will follow you. You can deceive the whole world, but you cannot deceive yourself, you cannot deceive your mind. The mind knows very well that the smile was false. Now anger will continue inside. That will become a monologue. Then whatsoever you have not said you will have to say within. Whatsoever you have not done you will imagine doing. Now you will create a dream. You will fight with your enemy, or with the object of your anger. The mind is helping you to complete a certain thing. But that, too, is impossible because you are doing other things.

Even this can be helpful. Close your room - you were not angry; the situation was such that you could not be - close your room and now be angry. Don’t continue the monologue, act it out. There is no necessity to act it out on someone; a pillow will do. Fight with it, act your anger out, express it, but let it be authentic, let it be real. And then you will feel a sudden relaxation inside. Then the monologue will break. There will be an interval, a gap. That gap is silence.

So the first thing: break monologues. And you can do it only if your living becomes a right, complete living. Many things incomplete create the inner madness. And our situation is a whole life - not only one whole life, but many whole lives - incomplete.

When you love, you are doing a thousand things simultaneously. Then love becomes false. Now psychologists say that if you are loving someone and a thought crosses your mind, you have missed love. You are far away from your love object. There is a gap, the communion is broken.

When two lovers are really in love, there is nothing else, simply love - nothing else. They are playing with each other’s bodies, absolutely absorbed in it. The whole world has dropped out of their consciousness; nothing else is there. Then love is complete. And then they will not become sex maniacs. Then their minds will not be perverted minds.

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