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Chapter 8: Seek, and You Will Miss

If you listen to abuse without awareness then you will be ready to fight with the person. If you listen to abuse with awareness then you will thank that person. Then all the situations in life will change.

There are two ways of looking at life: one is through the mind and the other is through meditation. Life seen through the mind is the world. The same world, when seen with meditation, is God. God and world are not two things, they are two ways of seeing.

I know that your disease is false. This is why I continuously say to you that if you want to you can experience God this very moment. There is no need to postpone it for a single moment. If the disease were real then this would not be possible. Then it would take time. If a man is lying in bed sick, actually sick, then it can take years for him to be cured. After continuous treatment the disease will eventually go away. But when a man is just lying in bed hypnotized, just thinking that he is sick, he is not actually sick. People have given him an idea that he is sick but he is not really sick.

I had a professor who I loved very much. One day I was telling him the same thing, but he did not agree with me at all. He said, “How can this be? Prove it by making me catch a false disease.” I didn’t say anything. I didn’t even say that I would show him by making him sick, because that too would have become a barrier. I simply ignored it, the matter was over.

After two or three months I asked his wife to do me a favor. After getting up in the morning to just say to him, “Didn’t you sleep well last night? Your eyes look red. Let me feel your head to see if you have fever.” Then touch his head and say, “My God! Your temperature seems to be two or three degrees higher. Why didn’t you wake me up in the night?”

His wife asked me, “What are you up to?”

I told her, “I am doing an experiment. Don’t tell him anything. Just do me this favor.” I gave her a paper on which I had written all that she had to say to him and told her that whatever he said, to write it down on the back of the paper and not to add a single word of her own.

I told the same to his servant and to the gardener. I gave a note to all of them. I told the servant, “Say to him when he comes out while you are sweeping, ‘Master, it seems you are not well,’ and note down whatever he says.” I told the gardener, “When he goes to the university then go near the gate and say, ‘Your walking is a little wobbly. Are you alright?’ and see what he says.” In the same way I went up to the university department, to his clerk; I said this to everyone. There was a post office on the way so I told the postmaster to ask about his health when he passed by.

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