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Chapter 2: The Head, the Heart, the Navel

My beloved ones,

This afternoon I would like to discuss a few more points relating to the real center of the body. A few questions have also been asked about this.

Neither the head nor the heart - the navel is the most important and basic center of man’s life.

Man has developed according to his mind, so the direction, the flow of his life has gone wrong. In the past five thousand years we have educated and developed only the mind, only the intellect. The results have been very harmful. The results are that almost every human being is on the verge of madness - a little push and anyone can become mad. The mind is almost on the verge of a breakdown: a little push and the mind can collapse.

It is also a surprising thing that in the last half century, within the last fifty years, almost all the greatest thinkers of the world have gone mad.

In the West in the last half century there has hardly been a single thinker who did not experience some kind of madness. Great poets, great thinkers, great philosophers, great scientists have all been found to be suffering from some kind of madness. And slowly, slowly, as more and more of humanity is becoming educated, the symptoms of madness are also reaching the common people.

If a new man is to be created, it is absolutely essential to change the center of man’s life. If that center is closer to the navel instead of to the head, it will be closer to the life-energy.

Why do I say this? In this context, it is necessary to understand a few more things. The child which develops in the mother’s womb, the foetus which develops, is connected to the mother through the navel. The life-energy of the mother flows into the child through the navel itself. The life-energy of the mother is a very unknown, a very mysterious flow of electricity which nourishes the whole being of the child through his navel. Then the child separates from the mother, he is born. Immediately after his birth his navel cord has to be cut and the separation from his mother begins.

It is absolutely necessary for the child to separate from the mother, otherwise he cannot have any life of his own. The child that has grown in the mother and has been one with her body has to separate from her at a certain point. This separation happens by cutting the connection which he had with her at the navel. When this connection is cut, the life-energy that he was getting through the navel stops totally. His whole being starts trembling. His whole being starts asking for that flow of life-energy that he was getting until yesterday but which today has suddenly stopped.

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