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Chapter 2: Matter and Consciousness Are One

You will be surprised to know that all the techniques of yogic asanas - body postures - were discovered accidentally in meditation, in the various states of meditation. It is not that someone created them through thinking and deliberation. They were not created independently. In the state of meditation the body took different positions, and then afterwards they were recognized as yogic postures. And gradually an association between the body and mind was revealed, where it was seen that when the mind is in a particular state, the body follows it with a particular posture. And then it was realized that if the body is put in a particular position, the mind will follow by going into a corresponding state of its own.

We know that when we feel inside like crying, our eyes fill with tears. It follows that if our eyes are filled with tears, we will cry inside. They are two ends of the same phenomenon. When we are angry our fists clench instinctively; when we are angry our teeth gnash and eyes redden on their own. As anger rises inside us, our hands on the outside rise immediately to hit someone’s head. And when love visits us, then fists don’t clench, teeth don’t gnash and eyes do not redden - something else happens when we are in love. In the state of love even if the fists were clenched, they relax and open instinctively; the gnashing teeth loosen and relax, and the red eyes become normal and quiet. Love has its own ways.

In the same way the body has its own ways in different states of meditation.

Try to understand it this way. If you disturb a particular position of the body, the corresponding state of the mind will become disturbed accordingly. Or if somebody asks you to be angry without yor fists clenching, without your teeth gnashing and your eyes reddening, can you be angry? You cannot. How can you express anger without the cooperation of the body parts which correspond with it? If you are asked to be angry without letting it affect your body in any way, you cannot. Similarly, if someone asks you to love without letting your eyes be filled with love’s elixir, without letting its waves pass through your hands, without your heartbeat quickening, without your breath being any different - in short, without your body expressing your love in any manner - you will say, “Excuse me, it is very difficult; I simply cannot do it.”

So if during meditation your body begins to twist and turn in a particular way and you try to prevent it, you will damage the inner state of meditation, and then it cannot make any headway.

All the yogic asanas, body postures, became available through different states of meditation. In the same way the yogic mudras, or what we call gestures, were developed through meditation. You must have come across many kinds of Buddha statues with different yogic mudras. These mudras also arose through some particular state of the mind, and subsequently a whole science of mudras was developed. Now it can be seen from outside, from your body mudras, what is happening to you inside - provided you are not acting and you are allowing yourself to be taken over by meditation.

Therefore please see that you don’t hinder them or try to stop them.

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