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Chapter 9: Entering the Gap

A master once said to one of his learned disciples, “Everything else is fine, but there is still one defect in you.” The disciple thought about it for many days but was unable to find any defect in his conduct and behavior so he asked the master about it. The master replied, “You have altogether too much religion in you. You are too full of it. This is the only defect that remains in you, but this is no ordinary defect.”

How can there be too much religion? Yes, there can be too many religious scriptures, too much religious thought stuffed in the mind. This makes your mind so burdened that it cannot fly away into the sky of truth.

That is why I ask you to become empty. Rid yourself completely of all thoughts, of all impressions and then see what happens in that emptiness. The greatest miracle of life takes place in that emptiness, in that void. That void brings you face-to-face with yourself. There is no greater miracle than this because as soon as you stand face-to-face with yourself you become face-to-face with God.

I am an idol-worshipper, but according to your ideas it seems there is no need for an idol. Should I give up idol-worship?

I do not ask you to give up anything or to take on anything. I am simply calling you to wake up. If when you wake up, your dreams are over, it will be another story. Behavior changes along with levels of consciousness. When children grow up they automatically stop playing with dolls. They don’t make any effort to give it up, it stops automatically.

There once lived a mystic on the outskirts of a village. He lived alone in a hut without doors. There was nothing in the hut that made doors necessary. One day some soldiers happened by. They went into the hut and asked for water. One of them asked the mystic why, since he was a religious man, there wasn’t a single idol of God anywhere in the hut. The mystic replied, “This hut is very small. Where is the room for two here?”

The soldiers were amused at the mystic’s words, and the next day they brought him a statue of God as a gift. But the mystic said, “I don’t need any image of God because he himself has been living here for a long time. I have disappeared. Don’t you see there isn’t room for two here?” The soldiers saw he was pointing to his heart. That was his hut.

God is formless. Energy can only be formless; it can have no shape. Consciousness cannot have shape. It is boundless. The whole, the totality can have no boundaries. It is beginningless and endless because “that which is” cannot even have a beginning and an end.

How childish we are that we create idols of such a one. And then we worship these self-created idols. Man has created God in his own image; in this way he ends up worshipping himself. This is the height of self-deception, egoism and ignorance.

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