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Chapter 2: There Is No Self, No Other

Psychotherapy thinks that there are unhealthy minds and healthy minds - but the experience of the buddhas is totally different. They say: Mind as such is unhealthy. There are no healthy minds. Mind and unhealthy are synonymous. So you cannot make the mind healthy. Yes, you can make it more adjusted, you can make it normally unhealthy, not abnormally unhealthy. You can bring it to a point where it is just like everybody else. That is normal unhealthy, normal neurosis. But you cannot make mind healthy. It is impossible. Can you make a disease healthy? If the disease is there, you are unhealthy. You cannot say, “Now I have a very healthy disease.”

Mind is the disease! The master is one who has seen it and gone beyond the mind, who lives in the land of no-thought, who lives in that absolute silence. But from that absolute silence, the impossible becomes possible. Just to be with a master is to be in a healing presence.

The master is not a therapist, but his presence is therapy. His presence heals, and heals wounds of so many lives. But his process of healing is not psychological: it is existential. He does not go on tackling each of your diseases separately: he simply cuts the root in one single stroke. He cuts the mind. He does not bother about the branches and the leaves.

The psychotherapist goes on cutting the leaves. You have this fear, afraid the psychotherapist will try years of psychoanalysis and somehow you become adjusted to the fear.

A man continued to piss in his bed in the night. Now he was getting to be thirty-five - it was already too late. He was married, he had children. Now it was time for the children to piss in the bed - and he was still doing it.

The wife suggested, “Why don’t you go to the psychotherapist?”

So he went. Then the long psychotherapy continued.analysis is a long process, and very costly. And after six months a friend asked, “How are things going?”

He said, “Perfect!” He was buoyant, flowing with joy. He said, “Perfect. I have found the greatest psychotherapist there is in the world.”

The friend asked, “So he has cured you?”

He said, “No, but I no longer feel guilty about it. He has convinced me that this is perfectly natural, normal - in fact, he himself does it.”

The psychotherapist is in the same boat as you are in. All that he can do is a little bit of patchwork.

The master kills you, destroys you, in your totality - gives birth to a new man. The master becomes a mother to you, a womb. To be a disciple is to enter into the womb of the master. It is a death and a resurrection.

The second question:

Standing surely proud with me
under this showering Sufi sky
grace streaming light limbs
songs flowing strong throat
a great fullness falls
and rises with each breath
and peace flies on beating wings
to settle deep within my soul.

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