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Chapter 15: Breakthrough.to Buddhahood

It is like peeling an onion. One layer is taken off and you find another layer, more fresh, waiting for you. You take that layer off and another layer is there. People have been under psychoanalysis for fifteen years continuously; still their psychoanalysis is not complete. The psychoanalysts themselves recognize that they have not yet been able to psychoanalyze a single man perfectly, totally - until nothing is left to be psychoanalyzed. But still, even the psychoanalysts do not have the insight to understand that perhaps they are doing something absurd.

Mind can never be totally analyzed because while you are analyzing it, it goes on creating new things. It does not remain static. You go on analyzing every week twice or thrice, but the remaining time the mind is creating more ideas, more imaginations, more dreams. You can never come to an end - it is simply impossible. And if you cannot come to an end, the rock bottom, your understanding of the mind is very superficial.

The East does not believe in analysis. It believes in awareness. In two ways the difference is of tremendous importance. First, for analysis you have to depend on somebody else; it creates a dependence, almost a kind of addiction. Once people have been in psychoanalysis, it is very difficult to get them out of it, because at least twice a week while in psychoanalysis they feel a little light, unburdened, a little relaxed. The mind will gather the tensions again because the roots have not been cut; you have been only pruning the leaves.

And just when you prune a leaf watch what happens: three leaves will come in place of the one you have cut. The tree takes the challenge. You cannot destroy the tree; it is also a living being. It shows its effort to survive. You cannot destroy it by cutting its leaves; hence if you want a tree to have a thick foliage, you have to prune it. By pruning it, the foliage becomes thicker, not thinner.

So first, in psychoanalysis you have to depend on somebody else. And you become addicted, just like with any drug. Yes, let me call the psychoanalysis prevalent in the West and borrowed by the East a very subtle drug. And to come out of it is almost impossible. You get tired with one psychoanalyst, then you move to another psychoanalyst. It is just like getting immune to one drug, then you move to another drug which is stronger and more dangerous. Soon you will become immune to that drug too. It won’t affect you. Then you will have to move ahead again.

I have been in monasteries in Ladakh where they had been taming cobras, because there is a certain school in India which tries awareness through drugs. It is perfectly scientific. Its approach is scientific, but very dangerous. One can go wrong any moment, on any step. It has to be done under a master. One starts by taking small doses of a certain drug and getting immune to it; then a stronger drug, then an even stronger drug; and finally a moment comes when no drug affects the man.

At that point only the poison of a cobra can affect him a little bit. He is not being killed by the cobra. You will be surprised to know - a man who is bitten by a cobra does not survive, but these ascetics I have seen in Ladakh.and they are in many places, in Assam, in Nagaland. The cobra has to bite them on their tongue so the poison immediately reaches to their bloodstream, and you will be immensely amazed that the cobra dies from biting them! Those people have become so full of poison that the poor cobra..

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