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Chapter 31: The Greatest Reality in the World

Narendra, you must be really dumb, very thick. Whatever I am saying is so simple, so obvious. There is no question of understanding it; just listening to it is enough. And if it is difficult, that simply means you have not listened.

Forget understanding. Put your whole energy into listening and understanding will come on its own accord, just like a shadow that follows you.

I am not saying anything difficult; I am not a philosopher. I am saying very simple things, so obvious that people have forgotten them. But I can feel your difficulty.

Narendra is a psychologist, more in the mind. His whole training is of the mind, and here the whole approach is to put the mind aside. The psychologist is really in a difficulty because his whole training is of getting deeper into the mind, its mechanics. And here it is a question of getting out of the mind, forgetting all the nonsense that goes on in the mind. That must be your difficulty.

The difficulty is not in my teachings; it is in your training, in your education. You will have to unlearn your psychological training, because we are going beyond psychology. And if you cling to psychology, then anything that is beyond psychology will appear to be very difficult to understand.

Psychology is one of the professions in the world which is strange. Their effort is to help people, to bring people mental health, but more psychologists commit suicide than any other profession; more psychologists go mad than any other profession; more psychologists get into perversions, sexual and others, than any other profession. Something is basically wrong, and this is what is wrong: they have been told that man is mind and nothing else. There is no soul; there is no beyond. Mind is all, and with death of the mind everything ends.”

This is a lie. Mind is not all; mind is only an instrument. You can use it rightly; you can use it wrongly. If you use it wrongly then there are going to be perversions, murders, suicides, madness. If you use it rightly then you can step beyond it.

If you want to understand me, use your mind rightly.

Meditate, step beyond it.