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Chapter 5: Esoteric Games: A Hindrance to Growth

Mind creates so many systems, so many methods. It thinks, “If I drop out of the life I am leading, something deeper will be found.” This is absurd. But the mind goes on thinking that somewhere in Tibet, somewhere in Meru Parvat, somewhere, the “real thing” must be happening. The heart is in conflict: how to go there? How to come in contact with the masters who are working there? The mind is always looking for something somewhere else, never for something here and now. The mind is never here. And each theory attracts people: “On Meru Mountain, the real thing is happening right now! Go there, be in contact with the masters there, and you will be transformed.”

Don’t be a victim to such things. Even if they have some basis, don’t fall for them. Someone may be telling you something that is real, but the reason for your attraction is wrong. The real is here and now; it is with you now. Just work on yourself. Even when one has gone to every Meru Mountain, one has to come back to oneself. Ultimately, one finds that Meru Mountain is here, Tibet is here: “Here, inside me. And I have been wandering and wandering everywhere.”

The more rational the system, the more it falls apart, and something irrational must be introduced. But the moment you introduce the irrational element, the mind begins to shatter. So do not worry about systems. Just take a jump into the here and now.