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Chapter 17: The World Is Where the Work Is

This way we will avoid the most basic thing - that he does not take me for granted. And the second thing - that he does not forget his basic intention in coming to me.

Once, when I was sitting with a dying patient - it was Anna Freud, Sigmund Freud’s youngest daughter - I was in conversation with her companion, and it happened I was speaking of you. When, an hour or so later, my patient died, I recalled I had mentioned your name, and in retrospect it felt as if because of that, rosewater had been sprinkled into the atmosphere. Is it just being fanciful to feel that simply the mention of your name, or even a brief glimpse of your face on our lockets, can in some way have an effect on people?

It all depends on you - not on my name, not on my face on your locket, but on your heart.

If you are talking about me with deep love, with trust, with reverence, your heart creates a certain milieu. If you are talking not just from the mind but from the very innermost core of your being, it can happen: you can feel as if rosewater has been sprinkled.a great cleanliness, a great freshness, a fragrance. But they are not contained in my name or in my photograph; those are just instrumental. The reality that is created is by your heart.

There are people who are against me, who are saying my name continually, and they will never feel that rosewater has been sprinkled.

The archbishop in Greece has some source of information! As I was arrested, and the whole population of Saint Nicholas was at the airport to show their support to me, he alone with his half a dozen old, almost dead church women, was ringing the bell of victory - that God has won over the Devil, that I was sent specially from hell to destroy God’s land, his church, his morality. It depends! To him it may be that my name gives him such electric shocks, that he will think that this man must be evil.

Just a few days ago, when I was here in the ministry of interior, there were many people - a great crowd. Nobody recognized me because they were all people either from this country or from Argentina or Brazil where I have never been. But as I was being taken in, one woman immediately pulled back her three children and whispered to them, “Don’t touch him!” She must have been either English or American, afraid that if you touch him, and if he is really the Devil or comes from hell, it is going to be disastrous.

So it all depends on you.

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