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Chapter 8: The Bull Transcended

Be aware. Don’t be too much interested in the image. Be interested in the real - and the real is within you; it is your energy. It has nothing to do with anybody else. No mirror is needed for self-knowledge, because self-knowledge is not a reflection. Self-knowledge is a direct, immediate encounter; you come face to face with your own being.

The seventh sutra:

The Bull Transcended.
Astride the bull, I reach home.
I am serene. The bull too can rest.
The dawn has come.
In blissful repose within my thatched dwelling,
I have abandoned the whip and rope.

The bull transcended..

Once you have become master of your mind, the mind is transcended. The moment you have become master of your mind, the mind is no longer there. It remains only if you are a slave. Once you have taken hold of the bull and you are riding on it, the bull disappears. The bull exists as separate from you only if you are not the master. This has to be understood.

You remain divided if you are not a master, you remain schizophrenic, fragmented. Once the mastery arises in you, once awareness and discipline - the whip and the rope - are there, divisions dissolve, you become one. In that oneness, the bull is transcended. Then you don’t see yourself as separate from your mind. Then you don’t see yourself as separate from the body. Then you don’t see yourself as separate from the whole. You become one.

All masters are one with existence; only slaves are separate. Separation is an illness. In health, you are not separate from the whole - you become one with it.

Just try to understand it. When you have a headache, your head is separate from you. Have you watched it? When the headache goes on hammering inside, knocking inside, your head is separate from you. But when the headache disappears, the head also disappears; then you can’t feel it, then it is no more separate, then it has become part of your being

If your body is perfectly healthy, then you don’t have any body sense - as if you are bodiless. Bodilessness is the definition of perfect health. If something hurts, immediately you become aware of it - and in that awareness is separation. A thorn is in your foot, or the shoe pinches, then a division is there. When the shoe fits perfectly, the division is transcended.

You are aware of the mind because somehow your life is not a harmony; some discordance, something out of tune, out of accord. Something out of step goes on within you, hence you feel divided. When everything falls in tune and in harmony, all divisions are transcended.

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