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Chapter 15: Wake Up! This Is a Dream

We are very clever in deceiving ourselves. Even if the understanding is only on the surface, the mind understands what sannyas means and we are afraid. So we think if somehow some time can be gained.not time to allow that one will be able to make a better decision, but time for the impact to fade away so that the ninety-nine percent will turn into one percent and that one percent will then have become ninety-nine percent.. And when it was ninety-nine percent for and one did not decide for sannyas, do you think you will decide for it when the urge remains only one percent?

Your understanding can never go deep because you never translate it into life, you never turn it into a decision. Understand this properly. Many times you listen, you understand, but you still remain the same as you were. This even has a danger of its own, and that is: whenever you have listened many times, understood many times, if you still remain the same as you were, you gradually become like a slippery pot. The more things slip over you, the more slippery the surface becomes. So many thoughts make an impact on you, but you remain as you were. Those thoughts slip over and fall away from you, and you, the pot, remain sitting undisturbed. The pot has become too slippery.

So the more often you remain unchanged after listening, the more difficult your transformation goes on becoming, because now the impact slips off you almost as it touches you. The pot has become absolutely slippery; ways to slip have developed all over it.

It is better that you not only listen to good things but when you listen be courageous and take the decision to transform yourself. Then you will find that your understanding has not remained only on the surface, it has become the melody of your being.

But until the day understanding becomes your very breathing it has no value. It has only one value - that you may have learned to talk cleverly. We all know about it - our country is so clever in pious talk. We are ready to talk about spirituality at any time. But it is only talk, not deeper than that. One may ask anybody in this country; everybody has knowledge of God. Everybody!

The condition of the mind of this whole country has become like that of a slippery pot. For thousands of years the only use we have made of the tirthankaras, the incarnations and the sages, is that by hearing them repeatedly we have become slippery pots.

In one town somebody was saying to me that India is really a sacred land because all the incarnations of god, all the tirthankaras and all the buddhas have happened here. I asked him to reconsider his statement. Is India really a sacred land, or is it that the sinners of this land are so amazing that despite the existence of all these people they have remained unchanged? Have all the incarnations come and gone without being able to draw a single line on our slippery pots? Or did the tirthankaras come and we said, “You may come and go, but we are not such fools that we will be disturbed by your talk.”

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