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Chapter 22: Closer to Life

“Well,” said the other tramp, “if that is how you feel about it, why don’t you go and find yourself a job?”

“What!” said the first tramp in amazement, “and admit that I’m a failure?”

Mind has become accustomed to being a master. It will take a little time to bring it to its senses. Witnessing is enough. It is a very silent process, but the consequences are tremendously great. There is no other method that can be better than witnessing as far as dispersing the darkness of the mind is concerned.

In fact there are one hundred and twelve methods of meditation. I have gone through all those methods - and not intellectually. It took me years to go through each method and to find out its very essence. And after going through one hundred and twelve methods I was amazed that the essence is witnessing. The methods’ non-essentials are different, but the center of each method is witnessing.

Hence I can say to you, there is only one meditation in the whole world and that is the art of witnessing. It will do everything - the whole transformation of your being and it will open the doors of satyam shivam sundaram: the truth, the godliness and the beauty of it all.