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Chapter 6: Nothing Is Lacking

The first question:

Why can’t we let one another be? Why can’t we just simply accept ourselves and others just the way we are? Why this persistent “chasing-the-tail game” of trying to be different? - that is, more open, more aware, more. You have said often that everything is fine, perfect, the way it is..
Isn’t it about time we started playing a new game? I’m getting very exhausted by this old one. And life and love and fear and insecurity is so exquisite - just the way it is. Could there possibly be more?

The first thing to be understood - the “more” has already happened, and there cannot be anything more; but it is very difficult to accept it because you can always imagine more. The problem arises out of imagination, and it is going to remain unless you drop imagination as such.

You have ten thousand rupees - you can imagine more; you have ten million rupees - you can imagine more. There is no end to imagination. The “more” comes out of the faculty of imagination.

The trees are not in any way hankering for more; the animals are not in any way hankering for any growth, they are not going anywhere. The reason is simple - they have no imagination. Buddhas are also not going anywhere, they are also not part of this mad game, because they have dropped the imagination.

Unless you drop imagining, you cannot drop “more.” “More” simply means you can imagine. You are in love - you can imagine that more could have happened, more can happen. That’s why man remains in a continuous dissatisfaction; it is imagination that creates it.

The way is, either you become idiotic, fall back.. Idiots are not troubled. You will find idiots always in a happy mood. They cannot imagine. They are incapable of imagination. And many have tried to become idiots in the name of religion, many have tried practicing things which make you idiotic.

If you escape from the world and you live a monastic life, a life of no relationship, a life absolutely lonely, with yourself, monotonous, then by and by your mind becomes dull, you lose imagination, you become crippled. You can do it in many ways, you can use many methods.

You can stand on your head for hours together; that will destroy your subtle faculties of the mind. The so-called yogis have been doing that. When blood rushes too much into the brain it destroys many tiny nerves, and by and by one becomes dull, stupid.

You can go to drugs - by and by you lose your subtle faculties, your receptivity; you become stale, you become aloof, distant, indifferent. You start withdrawing into yourself. You become closed, and imagination is lost.

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