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Chapter 10: Enlightenment Is Not an Experience

Rejoice in whatever you are getting. The hits will also come in their right time. Perhaps they are also a basic need, finally - just as a child is born and the cord that joins him to the mother has to be cut, although it has been his life for nine months. And cutting this life source is the most shocking thing he will ever experience - unless he meets a master. Because to cut a physical cord between two bodies is not a very big thing, but to cut the cord between your consciousness and your body is certainly the biggest shock possible. It comes, finally - when the season is right, and the moment has arrived that you have to be taken out of your body, out of your imprisonment, and left totally alone in your tremendous freedom. This is called, in the mystic language, the second birth.

The first birth is from the mother’s body.

The second birth is from your own body.

From the first birth, you become a personality.

From the second birth you become an individual.

The first birth is bound to lead you one day to death. The second birth only begins, and never ends. It leads you to immortality.

But whatever is needed at a certain time will be provided to you. That’s why I don’t give you a discipline. All the religions are doing that stupidity - they are giving disciplines, commandments, without even bothering about whom they are addressing. Because to one, something is a medicine, and to another the same thing becomes poison.

Unless you have the fortune of being with a living master, with whom you are related - not the way people are related to organizations, but with whom you are related individually, the way lovers are related, in personal intimacy - only then can care be taken, and you can be helped slowly, slowly, towards the final quantum jump.

I can also read in your question, between the lines, that somewhere you think you are missing the hits. Right now, any hit will be dangerous. Just wait a little more and you will get as big a hit.because what is the use of giving you small hits? I’m accumulating all your hits for a single hit: one hit and your head is gone! Be intelligent, and be patient.

Mrs. Harris stood before the chimpanzee cage and watched in frozen horror as one of the chimps picked up a peanut and placed it in his rectum, then pulled it out and ate it. The distraught woman rushed over to the zookeeper and said, “I thought chimpanzees were supposed to be the most intelligent animal next to man.”

“That’s right, lady,” said the zookeeper.

“Then why is he doing that disgusting thing?” she countered.

“Well, some boy scouts were here yesterday and gave him peaches to eat. He had trouble passing the pits. Now he checks everything for size.”

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