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Chapter 4: What Is the Way?

Then there are millions of ways, and always in conflict. A Mohammedan saying is: You cannot reach through that way because it never leads anywhere, it goes into a cul-de-sac. Come to our way! - and if you don’t listen we will kill you. Christians are persuading: Come to our way! They are cleverer than Mohammedans; they don’t kill really; they bribe, they seduce, they give you bread, they give you hospitals, they give you medicine, and they say, Come our way! Where are you going? They are merchants, and they know how to bribe people; they have converted millions, just by giving things to them. There are Hindus, they go on saying: We possess the whole truth - and they are so arrogant they don’t bother even to convert anybody, remember: You are fools, you need not be converted. They are so arrogant, and they think: We know the way. If you want to you can come. We are not going to bribe you or kill you - you are not that important. You can come if you want, but we are not going to make any effort.

And then there are three hundred religions in the world, and each religion thinking: This is the only way, the way. All others are false.

But the question is not of the way, the question is not: Which way is true? The question is: Have you crossed the mountain? The question is: Have you gone beyond you? The question is: Can you look at yourself from a distance, a watcher? Then, the one way.

Mohammed and Mahavira and Krishna and Christ - they all walked on the same way. Mohammed is different from Mahavira, Krishna is different from Christ, but they walk on the same way - because the way cannot be many: how can many lead to one? Only the one can lead you to the one.

So don’t ask about the way and don’t ask about the method. Don’t ask about the medicine. First ask about the disease that you are. A deep diagnosis is needed first, and nobody can diagnose it for you. You have created it and only the creator knows all the nooks and corners. You have created it, so only you know how these complexities arise, and only you can solve them.

A real master simply helps you to come to yourself. Once you are there, the way opens. The way cannot be given but you can be thrown upon yourself. And then the real conversion happens: not a Hindu becoming a Christian or a Christian becoming a Hindu, but an outward-moving energy becomes an inward-moving energy - that is conversion. You become an inward-looking. The whole attention moves inwards, and then you see the whole complexity - the mountain. And if you simply watch it, it starts dissolving.

In the beginning it looks like a mountain; in the end you will feel that it was just a molehill. But you never looked at it because it was at the back of you, and it became so big. When you face it, immediately it decreases, becomes a molehill, you can laugh about it. Then it is no longer a burden. You can even enjoy it and sometimes can go in it for a morning walk.

Enough for today.