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Chapter 7: A Diamond Hidden in an Onion

A parable is beautiful: it gives you only as much as you can take. It never gives you more. But if you are ready, or someday when you will be ready, then it starts giving you more and more and more.

I have heard that when President Abraham Lincoln was choosing people for his cabinet, one of his advisors suggested the name of a certain man.

Abraham Lincoln declined. The advisor asked why.

Lincoln said, “I don’t like his face.”

This can’t be a reason! The advisor said, “But he’s not responsible for his face. At least that should not be a reason. What can he do about it? He is helpless.”

Lincoln said, “No. After the age of forty, every man is responsible for his face.”

I agree with him - absolutely true. After the age of forty, you are responsible for your face. It is the way you have lived, loved, worried. It is the way that you have behaved, related. It is how miserable you have allowed yourself to be, or how ecstatic. It is your autobiography - but after the age of forty.

You are responsible for your face. But I would like to tell you something more. You are responsible for your soul also, not only for your face, because you are whatsoever you have chosen to be. It you are miserable, this is your choice; if you are in deep darkness, that too is your choice. Unless you choose and return, God will not be available. Not that he is not available, he is always available, but he is helpless.

Face him, turn back, look at the source, and suddenly he showers on you. Yes, remember this fundamental law:

“For whosoever hath,
to him shall be given,
and he shall have more abundance:
but whosoever hath not,
from him shall be taken away
even that he hath.”

Enough for today.