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Chapter 6: Why Wander Away?

Sadhu, who’s kidding you?

The beauty of all of this is that you are the only person involved in this drama. You are the actor, you are the director and you are the producer. The drama is your dream, your fantasy. Have you ever thought about who is acting in your dream? No one but you. Who is the director? No one but you. Who is the author of the drama? No one but you. And who is the spectator? No one but you. That is why the enlightened ones have called this world sansara, a dream. You are the basis of the dream, you are the root of the dream, you are the center of the dream. You are the spectator and you are the play.

Sadhu, who’s kidding who?

Kabir is asking, “To whom should I complain? To whom can I tell my trouble? To whom can I cry about my sorrows?” You wander here and there asking everyone, “Which is the way out? Where is the key? Where is the door?” You are misleading yourself; you are deceiving yourself. Have you ever asked yourself these questions: “Do I sincerely desire to seek God? Is my search authentic? Is my desire keen? Is my desire sincere?”

Once it happened that a Buddhist monk was on the brink of death. He called all his disciples together and said to them, “I have been explaining to you the way to nirvana, to liberation. I have been telling you about the door to freedom. You have listened to me, but I don’t know whether you have understood me or not. You don’t seem to move; you don’t seem to make any progress whatsoever. You are still where you were when you came to me. In spite of the fact you have been listening to me for years you have not progressed the tiniest bit. Now I am about to leave this body, and so I ask those of you who are really in earnest about achieving liberation to raise your hands.”

He had thousands of disciples, and they had all gathered together when they heard his last moments had come. Now they began to look at each other. One disciple stood up, but did not raise his hand. Instead he said, “Please do not misunderstand. I do want to be liberated, but not just now. Yet please show me the way. I am busy with a few problems at present; there is some work as yet incomplete. Let me finish these things first. I shall try to follow the path you have shown me one day. I won’t have to worry then, because I will know the way.”

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