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Chapter 3: Enlightenment Is Not a Device

Millions of Buddhists are waiting for the savior, millions of Christians are waiting for the savior, millions of Hindus are waiting for the savior. That, too, is a very tricky strategy of the mind to postpone; neither does the savior come, nor do you have to go through a dangerous experience. It is beautiful to talk about it, it is beautiful to read about it, it is beautiful to know about it; it is also beautiful if somebody else can simply give it to you. But enlightenment is not one of those things that can be given - you have to get it, you have to move, you have to evolve, you have to grow.

You cannot remain as you are and become enlightened. You have to deserve it.

You have to purify your consciousness, you have to deepen your meditation, you have to make your lovingness unconditional. And you have to move beyond the mind, beyond the body, to a point within yourself which is the center of your being, which is going to become enlightened. For that a very deep desire is needed, a desire for which you can risk everything, a desire for which you can be ready to die.

Then enlightenment is just by the corner.even the corner is too far away. Perhaps to the man of total longing, enlightenment is just within him; hence I say it is a relative phenomenon, it is very elastic. Those miles can be long, those miles can be very small - ultimately it all depends on you.

You are saying, “I see you here every day, so radiant, so full of light, so far away from the everyday reality of my life.”

Don’t take it for granted, because one day you will not see me. And then you will repent for all those old days when I was alive and available, and could have helped you in every possible way. It is a strange thing about the human mind that you become aware of things only when you have lost them. When you have them, you tend to forget them - they become too obvious.

You are saying, “You are a shining beacon showing the way, and the possibility of something more that can happen in me.”

How long are you going to see me just as a shining beacon showing the way? It is time. You should walk on the way; otherwise, what purpose is my beckoning, my shining, my calling you forth, if you don’t move a single inch? Just don’t get lost in enjoying my presence; it has to become your experience too, and for that, you have to walk the way. Gautam Buddha is reported to have said, “Buddhas can only show the way, they cannot walk for you.” Nobody can do that. It is just not part of the nature of things.

You say, “Years ago, here with you, I used to feel that enlightenment was just around the corner.”

You were new, and for the new people I have to be seducing. Unless I say, “It is near the corner, by the corner,” they are not going to be bothered about enlightenment. They have too many things to do in life.futile, but in their consciousness in this moment they seem to be very significant. But if I say, “It is just by the corner,” even a man who has no great desire to be enlightened may think, “What is the harm? Just have a look.it is just by the corner.”

But once you have moved that much, things start changing. Just a slight movement in your consciousness, and then you cannot stop because new experiences start exploding.

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