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Chapter 7: Seeking the Way

You can see it everywhere, particularly in this country where so much religion has been taught. The only end result is a hypocritical society: masks, not real faces. Look at any face and you will find that it is unreal. Something else is hidden behind it, something quite the contrary.

You can change the outer and there is no necessity for the inner to change. But if the inner changes, it is inevitable that the outer must change. When the inner changes, the outer automatically changes. If it is not changing, then your inner change is just a delusion.

These three sutras are very meaningful:

Seek out the way.

Seek the way by retreating within.

Seek the way by advancing boldly without.

The whole nature of man must be used wisely by the one who desires to enter the way. Each man is to himself absolutely the way, the truth, and the light..

Seek it by the study of the laws of being, the laws of nature, the laws of the supernatural: and seek it by making the profound obeisance of the soul to the dim star that burns within. Steadily, as you watch and worship, its light will grow stronger. Then you may know you have found the beginning of the way. And when you have found the end, its light will suddenly become the infinite light..

Be not appalled and terrified by the.

.inner darkness.

.keep your eyes fixed on the small light and it will grow. But let the darkness within help you to understand the helplessness of those who have seen no light, whose souls are in profound gloom.

The whole nature of man must be used wisely by the one who desires to enter the way. This is very significant. The whole of you must be used. Any fragment that is used will create a problem; any fragment that is not used will create a problem.

You can discard something within you, but then you will never be a total man. You can discard anger, for example, or sex, for example. Many teachings, many religions, have taught one to discard sex. They say that sex is the enemy: “Discard it!” You can discard it, but then you are discarding a very significant part of your being. And if you discard it, how will it be transformed? Then you will always be half a man. Whatsoever you become, you will never be total, and without being total, you can never be free. The discarded part will take its revenge. The suppressed part will go on bubbling within, trying to find a way out, and you will always be in trouble.

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