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Chapter 15: To Melt Is to Know

You may have seen clouds in the sky after it has rained and where from one side the sun has also come out of the clouds and created a rainbow. Have you ever thought about this, that if you closed your eyes, would there still be a rainbow in the sky? You will say, “What has it got to do with my eyes? I can close my eyes, but the rainbow will still be there.” But science says that the moment you close your eyes, the rainbow will no longer exist because for a rainbow to exist, the sunrays are needed, the drops of water are needed, and the eyes are needed - these three things are needed. If the sunrays pass through the water droplets at a certain angle and meet the eyes at a certain angle, only then is a rainbow created. Don’t think that a rainbow is only out there: your eyes are participating in its creation. This means that if there were no people on the Earth to see them, rainbows would never form! Your eyes play an equal role with the sunrays and the droplets of water in the formation of a rainbow.

It is easy to understand this about rainbows, but can you also understand that if there were no eyes on the Earth, there would be no light either? This will seem to be a little more difficult to grasp, but it isn’t really. Now scientists are completely in agreement that if there were not a single eye on the Earth, there would also be no light, because in the existence of the sunrays and in the experience of the sunlight, the eyes are as necessary as the sunrays. Light is a meeting between the sunrays and the eyes: where eyes meet the sunrays, light is born. Light is an experience, it is not a thing.

Try to understand it in this way. You are sitting in a room: there are curtains of different colors hanging there, the furniture is different colors, there are books of many different colors, the walls are painted with a certain color; there are so many different colors in the room. Have you ever noticed that when you turn off the lights your red chair is no longer red and your green curtain is no longer green? This is a scientific fact, it has nothing to do with spirituality. When the green rays are reflected back from the curtain and they fall on your eyes, the curtain looks green. This will look very contradictory to you, that the green curtain returns the green rays; it absorbs all the other color-rays except for green - so in fact it could be any color besides green. It returns the green rays, and when those returning rays meet your eyes the curtain looks green because of those returning green rays.

But if there is no eye in the room.. Suppose there is light in the room, but no eye; the room is locked and no one is in it: then the curtain would not be green and the chair would not be red and the walls would not be yellow. The printing in a book would not be black and the pages would not be white. In the darkness of night, when there are neither eyes nor light, everything becomes colorless. The experience of light is the combined experience of the presence of rays of light and the presence of eyes. Hence, there is no way to make a blind man experience light in the absence of sight. In other words, logic is of no use for the perception of light. Anybody can understand that if they try to explain light to a blind man, it is futile; it will be better to get his eyes cured.

But you also try to decide about the soul through logic. The soul is also an experience - and as long as you don’t have the eye of meditation, you cannot experience it. This is why meditation has been called the third eye. What you see when this third eye is open is the soul. And then what you see has no hands or feet; it has no body, it is formless. It is pure consciousness. And if what you see is experienced in its total purity, only then will you be able to understand this sutra.

In this sutra the sage says:

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