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Chapter 7: Seeking the Way

The wisdom of the ages says: “Use all your energies. Create a harmony.” Every energy can be either destructive or creative: nothing is bad in itself. Everything can be used in such a way that even poison becomes medicine. Wisdom will never discard anything, it will use it in a creative way. It will use your anger, use your sex, use your hatred.

How can you use them? How can you use your sex? It looks as if it is your archenemy. How can you use it?

Three things will be meaningful to remember. One: why this hankering after sex? Why do you hanker for it? What do you gain through it? Observe it. By and by, as the observation deepens, sex will dissolve.

What is the real meaning of it all? Why do you hanker for it so much? - because it gives you a moment of deep meditation. It is a natural process of meditation. In sex, your thoughts cease, your mind dissolves - for a single moment, of course. For a single moment you are no longer a mind. You are there without the mind; you are mindless. That mindlessness gives you a glimpse of bliss.

Observe sex, don’t discard it. Be aware of it. Move into it with full awareness and go on trying to find out what is the innermost core of it. You will come to this innermost core: that sex gives you a sort of natural meditative moment. You become thoughtless, and that gives you bliss. Once you have found it, you can move into this thoughtless moment without going into sex. This innermost core can be attained without moving into sex. And if you can attain this, by and by, sex will disappear. Now the same energy will move into meditation, the same energy will become spiritual.

Every energy has to be used wisely. Nothing is to be discarded.

This is one of the basic things I teach: nothing has to be discarded, nothing whatsoever. You have to enter into spirituality with your total being. We will change your energies, we will change their arrangement. We will make new arrangements, new harmonies. New symphonies will be created - but nothing will be discarded.

Right now you are a puzzle: fragments with no coherence, with no inner unity. And every fragment is fighting with the other. You are a crowd - many notes but no melody. These notes can be put into a melody, and unless you do this, you will remain in misery.

This sutra says: The whole nature of man must be used wisely by the one who desires to enter the way. If you really want to enter the way that leads to the ultimate, you have to use your total energies. Nothing is to be suppressed or discarded. Everything has to be accepted in deep gratitude.

Now get ready for meditation.