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Chapter 7: Now You Have It

Thusness can also be translated as ‘thisness’. It can also be translated as ‘suchness’. The original word used by Gautam Buddha is tathata. Just being in the moment - no past, no future - just being here, one-pointed, and the door of all the mysteries of existence opens.

The teaching of thusness is the teaching of all the great masters, and it has been intimately communicated because there is no other way. I am communicating it this very moment, but not through my words, in the silences, in the gaps. When you feel simply this moment in its utter purity, you have become intimate with all the buddhas - past, present, future.

The word buddha is very significant; it means one who has attained to thusness. Just because of thusness, Buddha’s other name is Tathagata. ‘Tathagata’ means one who lives moment to moment, who knows nothing of the past and who knows nothing of the future, who is utterly settled and centered here and now.

The moment you are centered here and now you are an intimate of all the buddhas. The moment you are intimate with reality, obviously you are intimate with all the masters and all the mystics.

This very moment you are connected with existence, but you go on roaming in the mind and you completely forget that behind the mind and beyond the mind there is a witness which is watching silently. You come across these experiences every day but you don’t take much note of it.

For example, I was a student of a Mohammedan teacher and he was very strict; he was known in the school as the most strict person. The first day of his class he entered and said to us, “I want you to remember always, don’t ask me for leave because you are having a headache or stomachache. Anything that I cannot see, I don’t believe.” Students do that continuously: “I have a headache so I want to go home.”

That very evening.He used to go for an evening walk, and just in front of his house there were two kadamb trees, very beautiful trees, so I waited in one tree with a big rock in my hand. He returned - it was getting dark - and I dropped the rock on his head. He freaked out.

I said, “Shut up! Now do you believe in headaches?”

He looked at me surprised, a little bit shocked. He said, “Listen, we can negotiate. If you have a headache just raise one finger and I will allow you to go out, but don’t make it a public thing. I will not say anything about this rock that you have thrown on me. It is a compromise.”

I said, “I never compromise. In the first place, I don’t believe that you have been hurt.”

He said, “You are strange.”

I said, “You are strange. Remember in the morning, at the beginning of the class, you said you don’t believe in headaches? I am going to make this incident public knowledge.”

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