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Chapter 1: The Ultimate Experience

So, now you will have to understand three words. One word is doubt, another word is belief, and the third word is trust or faith, known in the East as shraddha. Doubt is a negative attitude towards anything. Whatsoever is said, first you look at it negatively. You are against it, and you will find reasons, rationalizations to support your againstness. Then there is the mind of belief. It is just like the mind of doubt only standing upside down; there is not much difference. This mind looks at things positively and tries to find reasons, rationalizations to support it, to be for it. The mind that doubts suppresses belief; the mind that believes suppresses doubt. But they are both of the same stuff; the quality is not different.

Then there is a third mind, whose doubting has simply disappeared. And when doubt disappears, belief disappears. Faith is not belief; it is love. Faith is not belief because it is not half-hearted; it is total. Faith is not belief because there is no doubt in it, so how can you believe? Faith is not a rationalization at all: neither for nor against, neither this nor that. Faith is a trusting, a deep trusting: love. You don’t find any rationalizations for it; it simply is so.

So what to do? Don’t create belief against faith. Just be indifferent to both belief and doubt, and bring your energies towards more and more love, love more, love unconditionally. Not only love me, because that is not possible; if you love, you simply love more. If you love, you simply exist in a more loving way - not only toward the master but toward everything that exists around you: toward the trees and the stones and the sky and the earth. You, your being, your very quality of being becomes a love phenomenon. Then trust arises and only in such a trust can a gift like The Song of Mahamudra be given. When Naropa was ready, Tilopa gave this gift.

So remember, with a master you are not on a “head trip.” Doubt and belief are all “head trips.” With a master you are on a “heart trip.” And the heart doesn’t know what doubt is, the heart doesn’t know what belief is; the heart simply knows trust. The heart is just like a small child. The small child clings to the father’s hand, and wherever the father is going the child goes, neither trusting nor doubting; the child is undivided. Doubt is half; belief is half. A child is still total, whole; he simply goes with his father wherever he is going. When a disciple becomes just like a child, only then can these gifts of the highest peak of consciousness be given.

When you become the deepest valley of receptivity, then the highest peaks of consciousness can be given to you. Only a valley can receive a peak. A disciple should be absolutely feminine, receptive, like a womb. Only then such a phenomenon happens as is going to happen in this song.

Tilopa is the master, Naropa is the disciple, and Tilopa says:

Mahamudra is beyond all words and symbols, but for you, Naropa,
earnest and loyal, must this be said.

It is beyond words and symbols, all words and all symbols. Then how can it be said? If it is really beyond all words and symbols, then how can it be said? Then is there any way? Yes, there is a way; if there is a Naropa, there is a way; if there is really a disciple, there is a way. It depends on the disciple whether the way will be found or not.

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