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Chapter 8: Die to the Past

The first question:

The path seems to be towards peace and awareness. Why then is everyone and everything around you in such a chaos?

Because I am a chaos, and only out of a chaos is a cosmos born; there is no other way. You are like old, very old, ancient buildings; you cannot be renovated. For millions of lives you have been here. First you have to be demolished completely, and only then recreated.

Renovation is possible, but that won’t help for long. It will just be a surface decoration. Deep in your foundations you will remain the old, the whole structure will always remain shaky and it can fall any day. New foundations are needed - everything has to be new. You have to be completely reborn, otherwise it will be a modification. You can be painted from the outside, but there is no way to paint the inner. The inner will remain the same - the same old rotten thing.

A discontinuity is needed. You should not be allowed to continue.. The old simply dies and the new comes out of it, out of the death. And there is a gap between the old and the new; otherwise the old can go on continuing. All modifications are really to save the old, and I am not a modifier. And the chaos will continue for you if you resist it. Then it takes a long time.

If you allow it to happen, it can also happen in a single moment. If you allow it to happen, the old disappears and a new being comes into being. That new will be divine because it will not come out of the past; it will not come out of time. It will be timeless - beyond time. It will not come out of you, you will not be a father and mother to it. It will come suddenly out of the blue. That’s why Buddha insists that it always comes out of nothing.

You are something; that is the misery. What are you in fact? Just the past. You go on accumulating the past; that’s why you have become like ruins - very ancient ones. Just see the point and don’t try to continue the old. Drop it!

Hence, around me there is always going to be chaos because I am continuously demolishing. I am destructive, because that is the only way to be creative. I am like death, because only then can you be born through me. It is right, there is chaos. There always will be - it will continue, because new people will be coming. You will never find a settled establishment around me. New people will be coming and I will be demolishing them.

It can stop for you individually; if you allow me to destroy you completely, for you chaos will disappear. You will become a cosmos, a hidden harmony, a deep order. For you chaos will disappear, but around me it will continue, because new ones will be coming. This has to be so; this has always been so.

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