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Chapter 10: Childhood: An Education in Psychological Slavery

Trust is a totally different thing. Trust has the same meaning in the dictionaries, but the people who have been writing those dictionaries have not tasted trust, they don’t know what it is. For one thing there is no messiah, no avatara, no one claiming, “I am God’s only begotten son, I am the only messenger, the true messenger.”

When I say I’m just an ordinary man, I’m cutting the very root of belief.

I don’t want you to believe in me, because believing has destroyed millions of people down the ages. It is time that believing should be destroyed. From my side I am saying I am just an ordinary man. I don’t give you any support to believe in me. In fact, I make every possible effort for you not to believe in me.

Look: Mahavira fulfills the conditions that Jainas ask of a tirthankara - painful conditions, arduous conditions. But to be so special, a tirthankara.the word tirthankara means one who makes his way to the other world, or to the other shore. He is the last tirthankara. Now, for millions of years people will be treading on the path that he is making. For millions of years now, he is going to dominate millions of souls - so he is ready to fulfill any condition. If they say that the tirthankara has to live naked, he lives naked. If they say he has to eat once a day, he eats once a day. If they say he has not to take a bath, he does not take a bath. If they say he should not clean his teeth, he will not. He must have been stinking.

I have known Jaina monks - it is so difficult to talk to them. And you know, I am a straightforward man, I will say simply : “You stink. You sit twenty feet away. I cannot talk sitting that close to you.” Their breath smells, it is bound to; their whole life they have not cleaned their mouth. Their body stinks. But they are ready to fulfill any stupid demand, because what they are gaining in reward is tremendous psychological fulfillment. It is only psychological, just ego fulfillment.

I am saying to you, I am an ordinary man, just like you, with no difference at all.

I am cutting the very root of your believing in me; hence my insistence on being ordinary.

I don’t want you to cling to me in any way. I am not your enemy. I don’t want you to remain crippled, blind, dependent, a slave, because of me. I don’t want to take that responsibility. So from my side I am completely clear. I don’t give you any support. And from your side I am continually hammering you, sometimes even hurting you, because whatever you think is meaningful may not be so, and I have to destroy it. Before I can make you completely clean, I have to remove many, many rocks that are in the way of my reaching you and are not allowing you to reach me.

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