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Chapter 24: Infallibility: Just a Popedream

But it was not that Farid wanted to meet Kabir nor was it that Kabir wanted to meet Farid. It was the disciples who wanted the meeting, and the masters both thought, “There is no harm in it. Why unnecessarily say no to them? It will be a good experience for them.” If they had not asked, Kabir would not have asked Farid and Farid would not have gone to Kabir, for the simple reason that there was no point: they were almost the same. You don’t go to meet yourself, or do you? You don’t invite yourself to lunch or dinner, or do you? There is no point at all.

I am not against anybody - there is no reason to be - but I am all for truth. Whether it goes against my profession or not, I don’t care. In fact I am not a professional enlightened man: I am simply enlightened. Those were professional people. I feel ashamed that all these people - Mahavira, Buddha, Sanjay Vilethiputta, Ajit Keshkambal, Makkhali Gosal - all these people were behaving like politicians, trying to be the tirthankara because the credibility of that religion was ancient. It was an establishment, well organized.

To start something from scratch needs courage. And I am doing exactly that - starting things from the very first scratch.

I don’t want any borrowed credibility from any religion, from any establishment, from any organization. I want simply to do my thing in my own way with my own people.

It is a hard task, and there are a thousand and one difficulties which could have been avoided if I were part of an establishment; but then I would have been dead, not alive.

To me, the day Mahavira was accepted by the Jainas as their twenty-fourth tirthankara, he died; after that he was not alive, because he was only fulfilling a certain role that is expected of a tirthankara, doing everything exactly as a tirthankara should. This was not real life, it was not authentic. Up to then, before he became a tirthankara, Mahavira was living his own way, he was moving about on his own. But to compete is to go wrong. Then, to be nominated and then to be victorious - as if you can nominate and elect somebody for enlightenment! The unenlightened masses, unenlightened people, are choosing who is the tirthankara - this is simply absurd.

I have told Jainas in India many times when speaking to them: “If you say to me that you are ready to accept me as your twenty-fifth tirthankara I will simply spit on your face. You and your twenty-fifth tirthankara can both go to hell. Why should I be the twenty-fifth when I can be first?”

I don’t see the point of Mahavira fighting to be the twenty-fourth, the twenty-fourth in the line! And for that all these people were also candidates.

I am perfectly happy in just being the first and the last.

I am not making a place for a second, because then there will be competition and there will be trouble. And how are you going to decide?

So my shop opens with me and closes with me!