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Chapter 9: The Pause between Two Notes

God and the world are not two things, it is the one existence. There is only one existence: seen without love, it looks material; seen without love, God looks like the world - sansara. Seen with love, the world is transformed, transfigured.and the very world becomes divine.

Yes, then in sight there is music. When love has dawned, then miracles happen - even in sight there is music; in sound, a luminous silence. Love is magical. And Kabir’s whole teaching is that of love: he calls love “the divine melody.” The heart, pulsating in love, becomes a flute on the lips of God.and a song is born. That song is religion.

Religion has nothing to do with churches and temples and rituals: religion is born only when somebody pulsates with love. Each individual has to give birth to a religion - and unless you have given birth to a religion in you, you are not religious. You cannot join an organization and become religious, remember - religion is not an organization to belong to. To be religious you have to give birth to religion in your innermost core, in your very core: when religion is born there, only then are you religious. Not by becoming a Christian but by becoming a Christ, not by becoming a Buddhist but by becoming a Buddha, religion is born.

When you are born in love, religion is born in you - and then your whole life is a melody, a beautiful song. And then you will be surprised that nothing is wrong: all fits together. Right now, nothing fits together. Right now, you are a mess: right now, you are an anarchy. Right now, you are just traffic noise - rushing in all directions, falling apart, disintegrating. Right now, you are nothing but anguish, agony. Once love is born, you have a center. Once love is born, you are centered - and everything falls in tune with the center. You become an orchestra, a beautiful harmony. It is hidden in you: you have brought it into the world, it is yet unmanifest. Kabir says: Manifest it - let your love be manifested. In that manifestation will be your prayer.

A few things, very basic and fundamental to understand, before we enter these beautiful sutras - the last of the series.

The Talmud has a tremendously beautiful story to tell.

A heathen came to Hillel - a great Jewish mystic - and cynically asked him: “Teach me the whole Torah while I stand on one foot.”

Now this is impossible; the Torah is a big scripture - it really takes years to understand it. And this cynic, this skeptical person, says to Hillel: “If you have understood the Torah then give me the gist, the summary, the essential. While I stand on one foot, you tell me all that is in the Torah.”

And this skeptic had been to other mystics also - but they must not have been mystics; they were great theologians, philosophers, thinkers, pundits, scholars. They all had refused. They said, “This is impossible; the Torah needs years of study, a lifelong study. And the Torah cannot be condensed into a few sentences - that will be sacrilege. It is not possible.”

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