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Chapter 5: You Cannot Annoy a Mystic

It happened suddenly. He entered the temple and saw that the temple had been destroyed; that no more was it a house of prayer, that people were not praying, that people were not meditating, that people had completely forgotten the purpose of the temple, for what it existed, and that this temple was no more the abode of God. Now it had been captured by the priests.

And priests have always been against God. They live in the name of God, but they have always been against God. They teach prayer, but whatsoever they teach is false. They teach doctrines; they don’t teach the truth, because you can teach the truth only if you live it. There is no other teaching about it.

I have heard a beautiful story about St. Francis, another Jesus..

One day he said to his disciple, Leo, “Brother Leo, let us go to the town, and teach and preach to people.”

They went into the town. They went up and down the streets meeting people, smiling, talking to people - sometimes patting a boy, sometimes smiling at a woman, and sometimes saying a cheery word to a tired traveler. And it went on and on. But now it was almost getting dark and the sun was setting. Leo asked, “Master, when are we going to preach?”

And Francis said, “And what have we been doing? We have been preaching; we have been talking to people. They have observed us; they have listened to us. A few of them even looked into our eyes; a few of them have become aware what treasures we are carrying within our hearts. And there is no other teaching; there is no other preaching.” Said St. Francis, “There is no use walking anywhere to preach, unless we preach as we walk.”

A priest is not living what he is speaking. A priest goes on talking about and about and about. And whenever a temple is possessed by a priest it is destroyed. The great temple of God in Jerusalem was not destroyed by the enemies; it was destroyed by the priests. But it has always been so - the friends are the real enemies. Those who pretend they are the protectors, they are the ones who are destroying. And it has always been so, because rebellion has always been misunderstood as revolution.

Once Jesus is gone, his disciples start organizing - the doctrine, the dogma. Then the doctrine and the dogma become more important; then the future becomes more important. Then they become missionaries; not people who live in the here and now, not people who are spontaneous, not people who love, but people who talk about love. And if you argue against them, they are ready to fight. They are even ready to go to wars to defend the doctrine of love.

It happened that an authentic inquirer, a seeker, went to a rabbi, to a priest - the most famous of course of those days, and he said, “Please tell me the whole Torah, but in short. I will be standing on one leg, and you have to finish the whole Torah while I am standing on one leg.”

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