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Chapter 31: Burning Torches Moving around the World

Capitalism had become concentrated in the hands of the state, so the people who were in power had, for the first time, double powers - the power of politics and all the power of economics. Before, it had been divided: the economic power was in the hands of the rich people and the political power was in the hands of the politicians. There was a little division. Now the power was absolutely totalitarian. All the power became concentrated in the hands of the people who were the rulers.

The poor people, who were uneducated, could not understand - what kind of equality is this? Are they making everybody poor, equally poor? Is this the equality for which the revolution was fought? And because they resisted giving their hens, their small pieces of land, their small houses, their horses or their cows.because they resisted, they were simply butchered.

Out of violence only more violence is born.

Those one million people were the lowest of the low. The revolution killed the poor people. It was a blind revolution, and it was bound to be - because the rebels had no idea of compassion, no love for humanity, no experience of spirituality. They were not coming from that beautiful space, they were not fighting for a better humanity. They were simply interested in destroying the establishment out of anger. In this anger there was jealousy, in this anger there was envy - all wrong things.

My effort is to bring a great synthesis between the rebel and the sannyasin. The sannyasin should not be escapist. He should grow his love, make his compassion strong enough, his ecstasy deep-rooted, centered and mature. And out of this loving space, he should rebel.

His rebellion will be basically not interested in destroying the establishment, but interested in creating a new world. His focus is to create a new world, a new man, a new humanity with new values. To create the new he has to demolish the old - but not out of anger, just out of necessity.

And he has to understand that just to impose mental ideas on people is dangerous. You have to understand people’s psychology and your rebellion has to be molded accordingly, not vice versa - not that the people have to be molded according to your idea of rebellion.

Man should never be used for any ideology. All ideologies should be used for man. Looking into man’s psychology, it is true that the vast disparity between people creates an ugly society.

Just a few days ago I was informed that in India there are only fifteen really rich people - in a country of nine hundred million people, only fifteen really rich people! So the whole wealth of nine hundred million people has been exploited; their labor, their whole life has been sucked by only fifteen families. This disparity is inhuman, because the producer is hungry and the parasite goes on collecting money which is useless to him. It is useful for those who are dying of hunger - and they are the producers.

These fifteen rich families don’t work, don’t produce; they are simply clever about how to suck blood. They have spread like an octopus around millions of people, and they are sucking their blood. In a thousand and one ways all the money goes silently, without any noise, into their treasuries.

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