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Chapter 8: Tozan’s Five Pounds

Talking, I am a buddha, because only talk is happening. If only listening is happening there at the other end with you, you are a buddha in listening. Try to catch a glimpse of the moment, this moment. This moment Tozan is not weighing flax; Tozan is talking to you. This moment you have not asked, “What is Buddha?” but the question is there whether you ask it or not. The question goes around and around in the mind: What is truth? what is Buddha? what is Tao? Whether you ask it or not it is the question. You are the question.

In this moment you can awake. You can look, you can shake the mind a little, create a discontinuity, and suddenly you understand.what Arthur Koestler misses. If you are also too intelligent, you will miss. Don’t be too intelligent, don’t try to be too clever, because there is a wisdom which is attained by those who become fools; there is a wisdom which is attained by those who become like madmen; there is a wisdom which is attained only when you lose your mind.

Tozan is beautiful. If you can see, and if you can see that the answer is not absurd, you have seen it, you have understood it. But if the understanding remains intellectual it will not be of much use. I have explained it to you, you have understood it, but if the understanding remains intellectual - you understand with the mind - again you miss. Koestler may be against Zen and you may be for it, but you both miss. It is not a question of being for or against; it is a question of a nonmental understanding. If it arises from your heart, if you feel it, not think it, if it touches your whole being, if it penetrates, is not just a verbal thing, not a philosophy, but becomes an experience, it will transform you.

I am talking about these stories just to shock you out of your mind, just to bring you down a little towards the heart - and if you are ready, then still further down towards the navel.

The further down you go, the deeper you reach.and, ultimately, depth and height are the same thing.

Enough for today.