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Chapter 25: We Cannot Be Otherwise

Transcendence is a state of no-addiction.just a childlike playfulness. There is no sin in sex. Just living it intensely, by and by you transcend, just the way you transcend playing tennis. One day you throw away the whole thing, “Enough is enough!” You transcend football, you transcend all kinds of things, and nobody calls you a saint.

To me transcendence comes out of your experience. You see the futility of something and the addiction drops. Then once in a while, just for a change, if you want to smoke I don’t see any harm; if you want to make love I don’t see any harm. The harm is in the addiction - the harm is not in the act. And transcendence is not concerned with the act; transcendence is concerned with the addiction.

And to be completely unaddicted gives an immense freedom.