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Chapter 2: The Meaning of Maturity

Things move from one extreme to another! The orthodox rabbi doesn’t know what a motor scooter is, and the progressive one is not aware of what a barucha is. From religion, too much dogmatic religion, people become too irreligious. When they leave the church they move to the prostitute.

Somewhere a deep balance is needed. Just between the two, exactly between the two, is transcendence.

So you have lived with hope. Now the hope has failed and you are living in hopelessness. Now let hopelessness also fail: drop hope and hopelessness together. Just transcend that attitude which lives in the future. Live herenow! Living in hope is living in the future, which is really postponing life. It is not a way of living but a way of suicide. There is no need for any hope and there is no need to feel hopeless. Live herenow. Life is tremendously blissful, it is showering here and you are looking somewhere else. It is just in front of your eyes but your eyes have moved far away, they look at the horizon. It is within you but you are not there.

I am not for hope, I am not for hopelessness. I am against all extremism. All excess is futile.

Buddha used to say, “My path is the middle path - majjhim nikaya.” That is the path of transcendence.

Enough for today.