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Chapter 10: Beyond East and West

“But think, still think, my boy,” the priest implored. “Think of Jesus and Mary and Joseph who love you.”

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph?” the man queried. “Who are they?”

At which the point the cleric yelled back, “Jump, you Jew bastard, jump!”

All love disappears immediately. All talk of love is just superficial; all talk of tolerance is intolerant deep down.

People say, “Tolerate each other.” What do you mean when you say, “Tolerate each other”? It is already intolerant. The very word tolerance is ugly. When you tolerate somebody, do you love him? When Hindus tolerate Mohammedans, do they love them? When Mohammedans tolerate Hindus, do they love them? Can tolerance ever become love? Tolerance may be politics, but it is not religion.

One who wants to know the truth - the truth that is beyond all polarities: man/woman, East/West, good/bad, heaven/hell, summer/winter - one who is interested in knowing, in inquiring into the truth which is beyond all dualities, has to drop all his prejudices. If he still carries his prejudice, that prejudice will color his mind. To know truth you need not be a Hindu, you need not be a Mohammedan, you need not be a Christian, you need not be a Jew - to know truth you have to drop all this rubbish, you have to be just yourself. You need not be Indian, you need not be American, you need not be English, you need not be Japanese, Chinese. To know truth you have just to be immense, huge, vital, alive, loving, inquiring, meditative.but with no prejudice, with no scripture, with no concepts, with no philosophy. When you are completely nude of all that has been taught to you, when all the conditionings have dropped, then suddenly there is the highest truth - and that highest truth is a synthesis unto itself, you need not synthesize. It is an organic unity. And from that altitude you can laugh at all the nonsense that goes on in the name of religion, in the name of tolerance, in the name of love, in the name of churches and temples and mosques.

The revolution has to happen within you; it has not to be introduced into the world. Because only you are alive - society is dead, society is just a name. Only you have something of the soul. The synthesis has to happen there. The synthesis has not to happen in Pune or in New York or in Timbuktu or in Constantinople, the synthesis is going to happen within you, within me. And each individual has to become a great experiment towards that synthesis. But remember, when that synthesis arises, you will not be able to say whether it is a synthesis between East and West, between Mohammedan and Christian, between Hindu and Jaina. No, you will immediately be able to see it is a transcendence. Synthesis, real synthesis, organic synthesis, is a transcendence - your altitude has changed, you are standing on the highest peak. From there you look.

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