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Chapter 4: Session 4


and there is no umbrella.

It is good to have the woman on the left side. The right hand is connected to the left side of the brain. It is useful for being mathematical or technical.Devaraj and Devageet. The left hand is connected to the right brain.musicians, dancers, painters, sculptors, all that is beautiful. The woman is on the left side. Hence in the East the woman is always on her husband’s left side, she always stands on the left. It is a reminder to herself, and also to her husband.

Who can hear a woman? Only a man of meditation, a man of silence. Reason is impossible with a woman, only meditation.. Unless people learn to meditate they will not learn to live together. Men and women only fight. Even if you are just throwing clothes at each other it is not love, and this continues for twenty-four hours every day, goes on and on. One’s whole life becomes a hell.

But meditation is magic. It can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. One cannot find words to describe it. Poetry fades before it.

Poetry fails to describe it.

music fails to describe it.

everything fails to describe it.

everything fails,

only silence..

Devageet, don’t be afraid. I know you love me. Leave me alone while you write the notes. Ashu and I can soar higher..

Go to the stars

the rainbows

to the world which is beyond.

which I cannot describe, nobody can describe. I am a madman. It is not easy to deal with me.

This is perfect.

This is transcendence.

This is sunrise.

It is.it is no more there.

Let the stars dance.

O it is so good

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