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Chapter 2: Spread the Message

A monk asked Koyo Seijo, “Daitsu sat in zazen for ten kalpas and could not attain buddhahood; he did not become a buddha. How can this be?”
Seijo said, “Your question is quite self-explanatory.”
The monk asked, “He meditated so long; why could he not attain buddhahood?”
Seijo said, “Because he did not become a buddha.”

At another time, a monk asked Roso, “What is meant by ‘in front of your nose’?”
Roso responded, “Slender bamboos cannot be used as musical instruments; a gourd cannot return to the trellis it grew on.”

Saigun once entered a temple and noticed a sparrow making droppings on the head of an image of buddha. Saigun said to Nyoe, a disciple of Ma Tzu, “Has the sparrow the buddha-nature or not?”
Nyoe answered, “Yes!”
Saigun said, “Then why does it make droppings on the head of Buddha?”
Nyoe replied, “Does it make droppings on the head of a hawk?”


One friend has asked, “If Ronald Reagan and Mother Teresa both fall from a one hundred story building, who will reach to the earth first?”

In the first place, who cares?

In the second place, just by the way, it is good news; the sooner it happens, the better.

The Republican Party of India and the Dalit organization - both are organizations of the neo-Buddhists - have made a similar resolution to the government of India, that action should be taken against me because I have been comparing myself with Buddha.

In the first place, I have never compared myself with Buddha. I have always said definitively that he is life-negative, and I am absolutely life-affirmative. There is no possibility of any comparison.

He is a bullock cart, and you want it to be compared with my Rolls Royce? Of course, the basic principle of a bullock cart is the same - the four wheels - but still you cannot compare it with a Rolls Royce.

These organizations have told the government that their religious feelings are very much hurt.

In the first place, if you understand religion.it is in the transcendence of thoughts and feelings. There are no religious feelings at all! Only idiots have religious feelings.

I have loved Buddha, just as I would have loved the inventor of a bullock cart; it was a great revolution. Buddha is the beginning of a great revolution, but only the beginning, not the end. Looking backwards, I can see he managed a little bit to go against the tradition, but not wholeheartedly.

I am absolutely against the past.

Although Buddha tried in every way.but he was at the beginning point; you could not expect him to create the whole science of transcendence. He has my respect, my love - but I cannot tolerate to be compared with Gautam Buddha!

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