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Chapter 15: The Story of Trust

In the past your intelligence was not trusted, hence you were told either to doubt and become scientific, or to trust and become religious. Neither the so-called religious people have trusted your intelligence and its transcending quality, nor have the scientists trusted your intelligence and its transcending quality. Both were afraid because the other looked opposite. All complementaries look opposite.

There is no need to be afraid of the opposite. The opposite has to be absorbed, not denied, because whatsoever is denied will take revenge in its own time. Never deny anything: let that be a fundamental law. Absorb, go on absorbing, howsoever opposite something looks to you. Remember always, existence functions through opposites, it can only function through opposites. It is through the opposites that existence creates momentum, dynamism. It is by polar opposites that the existence creates a dialectical process; otherwise there would be no dialectical process.

Just think: a world only of men and no women - it would not be rich, it would be very very flat; or a world where only women exist - that too would be ugly, that too would be very very stagnant. From where will the movement come? The opposite is the challenge, and because of the challenge the movement arises. Because of the challenge you cannot become asleep, you become awakened.

It is through the opposites that existence moves, grows, evolves. It is a subtle strategy, but only now is it possible to understand it in its totality, because we have lived the way of religion for centuries and we have lived the way of science also for a few centuries; now we know that both are complementary, not opposites.

But this story is the story of the religious investigation: it depends on trust.

A few things before we enter into the story.

Says Hafiz, “Do not travel through these stations without the company of a Perfect Master. There is darkness. Beware of the danger of getting lost!” When you are moving outwards you can move alone, because in the outer world you are never alone. Millions of people are existing there. When you are moving outwards the reality is so individual, it is not personal. The reality is objective, it is impersonal. If you are seeing a rock it is not only you who is seeing the rock; everybody who is standing there can see the rock. The rock has an objective existence. There is not any danger of getting into hallucinations. The others’ presence, their witness, will keep you away from hallucinations.

But when you start moving inwards you are alone. Who is going to decide whether what you are seeing is true or just a fantasy? When you move outwards there is light, light of the sun and the moon and the stars; there is enough light outside. But when you move inwards first you will encounter great darkness because your eyes have become accustomed to the outer light and they don’t know how to look in. You will be falling into an abysmal darkness. You will need somebody who has traveled the inner path - you will need a master.

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