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Chapter 10: Not to Be in the Mind Is Everything

This world is only a caravanserai.

In the sutra it says: Transcending life and death is leaving home. I would like: Transcending life and death is leaving for home - leaving the world, leaving for the home, for the real home from where you will not have to go anywhere else again - which will be your eternal, ultimate and absolute refuge.

Not suffering another existence is reaching the way. Not creating delusions is enlightenment.

Reduced to a single statement: Not to be in the mind is everything - liberation, finding the real home, enlightenment, finding the way.

Not engaging in ignorance is wisdom.

This statement is a little strange because people don’t engage in ignorance. Nobody wants to be ignorant; why should they engage in ignorance? Hence I would like to change it, although the meaning will remain the same. The word will not be ignorance, the word will be: Not engaging in knowledge is wisdom.

Engaging in knowledge is really hiding your ignorance. That is really engaging, indulging in ignorance. But on the surface you are engaged in being more knowledgeable, more erudite, more learned - a scholar, a pundit. And to be so much involved in knowledge is a barrier to wisdom. Wisdom comes to those who are innocent of all knowledge.

The moment you drop all knowledge you have also dropped all ignorance. They exist together as two sides of a coin. And then what remains is pure innocence.

No affliction is nirvana.

Not to be afflicted - by any suffering, by any anguish, by any anger, by any greed - not to be afflicted is nirvana. You have arrived home. The name of the home is nirvana.

And no appearance of the mind is the other shore.

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