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Chapter 19: Organism, Not Organization

Prem Isabel,

Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, United States

Do you see any possibility that the people who can really change the course of events in the world today will ever listen to what you’re saying, understand it, and try to implement it?

They will have to. There is no other alternative. It is a very strange situation: if they don’t choose me, if they don’t choose the transformation I am talking about, then they are choosing death for all humanity and all life. It is not a question of choosing between two ideologies. It is not a question of choosing between my philosophy and Karl Marx’s philosophy or Bertrand Russell’s philosophy. It is not a philosophical question. The question is existential.

And on the other side, if man decides not to listen to me, not to change, then he is deciding to commit suicide. That’s why I say they will have to listen, they will have to understand - and they will have to go through a transformation because nobody is ready to choose an ultimate death for all life.

If it was a question of choosing between two ideologies, it would be just intellectual gymnastics. That’s why they are so much afraid of me: slowly, slowly, the intelligent people around the world are becoming aware that it is necessary to do something so that man is saved, or be ready to die. And what I am proposing is the only alternative. No other alternative has been proposed anywhere; there is no possibility.

Man has looked into all the alternatives, has exhausted all the possibilities, and has tried to remain just the way he is, changing only ideologies, religions, scriptures, but he himself remains the same. What is the difficulty? If you choose the holy Koran instead of the Holy Bible; you are the same person, only the book has changed. The question was not a change of book, the question was a change of your total being. They have done everything up to now that was possible.

I am not giving you any ideology, not another holy book. I am giving you a simple alternative: you have to drop your whole past - your hatred, your distinctions of color and nation, your fights amongst religions, political ideologies - you have to drop it in toto. There is no question of choosing something from the past; you have to drop it completely. You have to become discontinuous with the past, and that discontinuity with the past will bring the transformation. You have not to do anything else.

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