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Chapter 19: Step Aside, Let the Mind Pass

The chakra above that is the most famous and well-known - the one on the forehead between the two eyes. That kind of energy moving through the agnya chakra, the sixth, has a deep hypnotic influence. It is not managed.the person is not doing anything; it simply happens, his eyes become so full of some unknown magnetism.

The man with the seventh chakra open has the capacity, the intrinsic flowering, so that his presence becomes infectious. Below the seventh, the presence is not infectious; with the seventh chakra opening, it is as if the consciousness has blossomed and there is a fragrance, an aura.

Whoever is available to this presence, to this aura, will feel the freshness of a breeze, the freshness after a shower. Many rotten things - rubbish that you have been entangled in, fighting - will simply disappear from your life. Just a touch from this kind of man will be a transformation.

But that evening something was transpiring, and what you noted was an energy phenomenon; many others must have noted the same. I answer such questions in order that you become aware of your own situation and start moving upwards.

Do you ever surprise yourself? - and if you do, who is surprising whom?

There is no one to surprise or to be surprised. I am as absent as I will be when I will be dead, with only one difference.that right now my absence has a body, and then, my absence will not have a body.