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Chapter 11: Just Be Happy That Your Hat Is Back

Am I coming or going?

The coming and going are happening simultaneously. Each moment you are dying, and each moment you are resurrecting. Each moment goes on becoming past, and past is nothing but another name of the dead. Each moment goes on bringing the future in, and the future is life. The small present moment is simply a moment of transition where death and life meet.

So your question is not so simple as you may have thought, nor is it an ordinary question. It is concerned with our very existence; this is the way life is happening to us every moment. But we are unaware that something goes on dying in us and something goes on coming fresh and new. We are not aware - and all this transition happens within you, within your very heart.

But because we are not aware even of the heart, we are not even aware of our interiority. Our whole lives we are outside of ourselves - always somewhere else, but never at the center of our being. If even for a single moment you are at the center, you will see that coming and going are happening simultaneously, that life and death are meeting each moment.

To know this is of tremendous importance. That means it will change your whole perspective - you will not think of death as somewhere far away in the future. And you will not be afraid of it because it is happening every moment. What we usually call death is not death but simply that life stops coming in; the body is no longer worth living. Life starts looking for some other vehicle, some other medium to express itself. Death has always been coming, but because life was not going you continued to live. With every breath, you inhale life and you exhale death.

Have you ever thought about whether any man in this whole millennium has ever died during inhalation? Can anybody manage to die with inhalation?

Death will always be at one with exhalation.

Inhalation is the continuation of being alive.

If you see this, then death is not somewhere far away. There is no need to fear; it is every moment with you, just like a shadow. By knowing it you will never try to postpone living, because you cannot be certain whether in the next moment life will be coming back or not; there is no guarantee. And it is not unfortunate that there is no guarantee; it keeps you more alert, more watchful, and it keeps you more in tune with the present moment.

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