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Chapter 3: Go On Unconcerned

They have all traveled from dhyan, and whenever a word moves from one language to another language it automatically takes different shapes, different pronunciations. But you have to understand it clearly, that only the words are different; the space they point to is one, where there is no object and no subject, where there is no knowledge and no knower; just pure innocence, the fragrance of pure innocence. And the flowers that blossom in that innocence are of ultimate ecstasy, of absolute bliss.

The whole East has been in search, for thousands of years, for the origin of your very life, the very center of your being. It has not been concerned with the outside world; that’s why science has not developed in the East. The genius of the East was interested not in objects and things; it was interested in only one thing: who is alive in me? Who is throbbing in my heart? Who is taking my breath in and out? And once you have found this space, you cannot find anything more precious.

Rinzai is one of the most famous Zen masters. Just as Bodhidharma took dhyan to the land of China, Rinzai brought from China - his Chinese name is Lin Chi - the same lamp, the same light, to Japan. It is a tremendous transmission from one land to another land, from one master to another master, and it is the only tradition in the world which is still breathing, still alive.

So while you listen to Rinzai, remember: it is not scripture - it is a life, a song, a dance. It is all that is the source of life.

Rinzai said:
What is the use of catching a dream, an illusion, a flower in the sky?

According to the people who have become enlightened, the whole world becomes almost like a dream. I say “almost like a dream;” I have to give you the exact definition.

A dream is something that goes on changing, and the real is that which remains always the same. Your consciousness is a reality, an eternity. Everything else around you is of the same stuff dreams are made of.

When you are asleep, the dreams look so real - I don’t think anybody in the world has ever suspected while dreaming that a dream might be a dream. While you are asleep and dreaming, the dream becomes such a total reality that not even a doubt arises. And when you wake up in the morning you suddenly find that you were running after non-existential fragments of your imagination.

To the awakened man, to the buddha, the whole world and all its objects become almost like dreams. Everything is fleeting fast: the young man becoming old, the old man coming closer to his grave. Seen from the heights of a buddha, everybody is digging his own grave, every day. It takes seventy years, but in comparison to the eternity of existence, seventy years are not even seven seconds.

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