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Chapter 19: Radiance

In fact, you are falling into a great ditch. It is better to be ignorant than to be an egoist, because ignorance is natural and can be transformed into innocence very easily. But ego is a perversion: it is very difficult for the egoistic person to understand anything that demands the demolition of ego. Ego is his only treasure; he knows nothing else in the world except his prestige, respectability, knowledgeability, honor.

.if you want to propagate.it is not necessary that you propagate. There have been millions of mystics around the world, down the ages, who have decided not to propagate. I cannot say that they are absolutely wrong; they are ninety-nine percent right.

They have decided not to propagate because there is no way to explain to you something which you have not experienced. If you have experienced it, there is no need to explain it to you. Their logic is clear. In the East these mystics have been called arhatas. They attain to the ultimate enlightenment and remain silent. If somebody comes to drink out of their well he is welcome, but they do not make any effort on their own to reach people.

Only a few people have decided in favor of the one percent possibility: in Buddhism they are called bodhisattvas. They have decided.It may not be possible to reach to the people’s hearts; they are so closed, they have already chosen.somebody is a Christian, somebody is a Hindu, somebody is a Mohammedan, somebody is a Buddhist. They have already chosen without knowing anything. Their minds are prejudiced and polluted, and these prejudices are functioning like walls around them. They don’t allow anything new to enter in.

But perhaps once in a while you can find a small crack in the wall, and if a person is a seeker, a searcher, open to encounter any truth, then there is a possibility that if you have the truth, his heart will immediately start beating with your heart. It is a synchronicity. Suddenly he will become aware that the man has come for whom he has been waiting and waiting for many lives.

It will not be an intellectual conviction, because you have not even spoken. It will be a subtle, invisible transfer - a transmission of the lamp. The other person just has to be open. You cannot force anybody to be open; the more you try to force, the more closed he will become. It is absolutely in his own hands to be open and vulnerable, to be available just like a womb and to give birth to himself into a new space, a new consciousness.

The man of truth can only be a triggering point. That’s why Yen T’ou says,.if you want.If you don’t want, the question does not arise..if you want to propagate the great teaching.And why is he calling it the great teaching? Why not just teaching?

This is a difference made very clear by Gautam Buddha. Teaching is from the mind; it is a philosophy, a theology, a religion, but it is from the mind. Mind is immensely capable of fabricating systems of thought, very logical, very rational - but missing the foundation, the foundation of experience.

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